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Let’s discuss all things Wedding, or more specifically – the Wedding Suit Attire!

When it comes to what to wear to a wedding, it really does depend on the venue and the ‘theme’ of the day. The word wedding used to be associated with a huge event where our friends and family gathered in masses to celebrate, but now a days they can be a much smaller and intimate occasion. With everything going on in the World right now, more and more couples are considering elopements, with just a handful of witnesses and plan to celebrate again in time to come.

In the last few years, we have certainly seen smaller scale celebrations grow in popularity and especially couples being more experimental with the location of the day, therefore this means a change in the style of your outfit. So, whether you’re the Groom, part of the Bridal Party or a Guest, get in the know about the big day apparel and make sure to be looking your best for the occasion!

Black Tie:

The Black-Tie Wedding is a timeless and elegant occasion, think picturesque scenes from a fairy tale, not forgetting the formal sit-down dinner. So, you better make sure you’re dressed the part and be a cut above the rest in a Tuxedo jacket. Not only are tuxes perfectly suited for a classical wedding, but it could also be worn for a suave New Year's Eve look and school formals. Perfectly teamed with a crisp white shirt, dress pants and an essential bow tie for those most memorable moments.


An alternative to a seated affair is the classic and contemporary Cocktail Wedding. With the event being a little less formal, you could try something a bit different to the classical black. Be the man of the hour in an on-trend checked suit - a sharp and modern suiting alternative, that will be sure to make a lasting impression.


If the venue is more relaxed, then so should your tailoring style to compliment the scenery. Do just that by making a statement in the colour of the season! Try a Linen blend blazer, both stylish and versatile but keeping that classic semi-formal design. It will take you from service – straight to the bar with ease!


A modern take on weddings could find yourself at a beach! Australia is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches in the World, so it’s no surprise that so many couples choose a coastal wedding venue, even more so this year with elopements. So, make sure you are seaside ready with lightweight tailoring. Think light and breathable materials that allow you to be ready for whatever weather might arrive on the day.

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The Suiting Room is an elevated suiting and customer experience like no other, this is a destination where the bridal party can come and get suited, booted and styled for their big day! Or get a group of friends together for a suiting session for your next big formal occasion! Whether it’s a family event or a Birthday, it’s time to get dressed up!


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