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Did you get engaged recently? Congratulations! Even if your fiancé, wedding planner, or both are doing most of the heavy lifting in preparation for the big day, we’re here to ensure you get that perfect suit for you and your groomsmen! Tick that off the wedding planning list, we assure you that it will keep your partner happy, and it will set the ball rolling for everything else to run smoothly.

After all, the big day is about both of you, so even if you do have a part in the planning, or you have been told to just ‘turn up on the day’, have a read through our grooms’ checklist for some tips on ensuring you look and feel the ‘man of the hour’ or should we say, ‘man of the day’!

Do stay in the moment. This is the big day, for both you and your partner. Make sure you slow down, enjoy the day and savour all the memories.


Looking good on the big day is one of the most important of the groom’s responsibilities. Figure out what you and your groomsmen want to wear, whether it’s a dapper suit or classic wedding tux, but first you must consider the theme of the Wedding. With formal and smart-casual dress codes increasingly crossing paths with many different wedding themes, it’s good to have a clear understanding before you start to even think about what to wear, and the location is normally a good indicator of what to wear.

A tux is a go-to choice for a classic black tie wedding.

Black Supreme Tuxedo Jacket

 Supreme Slim Stretch Pants.

Giving the classic black suit a run for its money, add a dash of colour in a true blue suit.

Lezaro Slim Stretch Suit

A modern on-trend check 2-piece with complementary accessories, it could also be worn open collar at a more casual setting.

Prato Check Linen Blazer

 Prato Slim Check Linen Pants.

Looking for more inspiration for dress codes according to the theme of the wedding, check out our blog:

Don’t worry about what might go wrong. And if things do go off plan, don’t fret about it. Your guests will cherish the moment and enjoy the day no matter what. Love is in the air and if there is a bit of chaos, that’s fine – they always make for fun stories people will remember!


So, you have some ideas and inspiration for the suit you want, now you are ready to start trying them on and picking your favourite – but you need to ensure it’s the perfect fit! Fit is important with all clothes, but even more so when it comes to formal wear and of course your wedding day! Many will say there is nothing better than a customised fit and that’s why you need to ensure that all the tailoring compliments your unique body type and needs, making sure you look and feel the best on your big day.

As always at Tarocash, we want to make your shopping even easier! We can get you that perfect fit with our own personalised tailoring service! We can manage all your alterations with our hassle-free experience from start to finish, available in all our stores.

Ask your local store team for more information about getting that perfect fit with Tarocash Tailoring.


Now it’s time to complete the look with the perfect matching accessories. This is where you can really make the outfit your own and add the final finishing touches. A rule to choosing your accessories is to always check back with the theme and any wedding colours that have already been arranged, and of course, always refer back to your suit or tux choice.

Start with the tie, where you have 3 main options. A bowtie is considered the most formal, think the classic black-tie weddings. The second option is a tie, whether you choose patterned or plain there are many available in a variety of fresh seasonal colours and styles to match the seasons, like the Autumn and Winter tones seen above. Or you opt for no tie at all, which is for the least formal settings, think coastal weddings by the beach, but then you can choose to add the finishing touch of a patterned pocket square to make your outfit pop. 

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IG: @theevokecompany

Don’t forget to plan all your accessories for the big day, right down to your socks. The best man will have the ring, but the rest is down to you.

The shoes are what make the whole outfit and complete the look. Think of shoes like ties, in that you must coordinate them according to your overall look. If you chose a formal tuxedo, go for a 100% European black leather shoe. Brown shoes look great with blue or grey suits, as well as brown holding an association with the outdoors, so it’s an excellent choice if your wedding has a rustic or country vibe. Top tip - no matter what shoes you choose, make sure to break them in at home before the big day.

Do remember to thank your family, friends and everyone who helped make the day memorable.

So now you’re all sorted, it’s then time to make sure your mates are looking their best too and why not make a day of it. Book in a session with your local store team stylist for bridal fittings.

The Suiting Room in Townsville is an elevated suiting and customer experience like no other, this is a destination where the bridal party can come and get suited, booted, and styled for their big day! Get the guys together for a suiting session and build up the excitement.

Get in touch with Tarocash Townsville to book your fitting today!

One last thing:

Do make sure you enjoy your day and don’t worry about anything else. Go out there and be the man of the day.


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